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Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, TN

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Best hotels in Knoxville

Knoxville has it all - art, culture, gathering places, some interesting architecture, great restaurants and good hotels. The last ones you can find from 2 - star to 4 - star, so feel free to explore and find the right hotel for you. To help you with that, there is this website where you can find not only good restaurants and hotels, but also more information about attractions and everything Knoxville.

Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown is one of the most famous and visited hotels in the city, on the internet you can find only good words about it, and in person you can only get great experience. It is placed just across the street of the World's Fair Park, so you will have a view on the beautiful Sunsphere. The hotel has beside great rooms, good service and a quite friendly stuff, also a great restaurant, where children under 12 eat for free, a spa and fitness center and a swimming pool. You see it is a great place for all kinds of stuff but one thing you will like there the most is the great sleep you will get.

A great 4 - star hotel in Knoxville is the Hilton Knoxville. Well, everyone who has ever been in a Hilton hotel knows that it is good, so there is no need to explain that for those. Free WiFi, amazing and comfortable beds and great rooms (some with a beautiful mountain view) are for many all they need, so check it out and you will see that you will want to stay longer.

Overlooking Madison Square, there is a beautiful little hotel with good rooms and great service. The Oliver Hotel Knoxville is a bit European - looking hotel with good style, for sure and it's quite home - feeling, so make sure to stay there if you want a warm feeling like not being in a hotel, but more in a rented flat.

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